The New World Order

I get home from work today to discover that Iraq is on the brink of a civil war, or whatever you call it when the two major religious groups in the country are blowing each other up, shooting each other's leaders, and attacking each other's religious sites.

Now if you were someone such as myself who didn't follow the news closely, and was more interested in singing competitions than in major world events you might think this is important news, perhaps even a headline story but as it turns out - its not. Something far more epic is actually going on. Upon flipping to CNN I discovered through many angry rants, angry emails, consultants, politicians, and other talking heads that the United States might sell some of its ports to the united arab emirates... no wait we might lease a few of our ports to UAE... no wait... we might sell a british company to an arab company... no wait we might say we don't have a problem with a british company who has been operating out of some of our ports, being bought by a company that is owned by the UAE - OMG its terrifying, its scary, its scandalous... what are we going to do?!?

There are terrorists in that country... what if they come here... and get jobs... at a port...

The Bush administration is very patiently reminding the nay-sayers that security for the effected ports will still remain as it always has been in the hands of the U.S. government.

Meanwhile real terrorists in Iraq are burning down mosques, shooting religious leaders, bombing holy sites, and even kidnapping CNN employees.

Iraq... you remember. That country where we have many thousands of american soldiers, and have spent many billions of American dollars... securing it.


Lucky for us congress is right on top of keeping us safe from dirty bombs and countries with "arab" in their name.


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Not two, three factions

Not two, three factions -


And that would be like stuffing three polecats in a sack...

I actualy object to any

I actualy object to any nation but our own operating our ports. I didn't like a British company doing it, I don't like the idea of any foreign government doing it, hell I don't want a U.S. company doing it. Our ports are virtualy unprotected. We should administer the ports ourselves and use the fees collected to pay for equiptment to scan cargo for explosives and radioactive material.

I agree that the furvor is silly, it's not likely to change things much. The only difference really is that the company that runs the ports will be the state run company of a nation that has blocked our efforts to apprehend terrorists and won't keep any records of their port activities on U.S. soil (which is illegal by the way) where they might be subject to court orders or even routine inspections as apposed to a company based in a nation that has been one of our closest allies for close to a century. Seriously though, I don't imagine the security will change - that's my problem and why I am glad that this furvor has been kicked up.

I actualy object to any

I actualy object to any nation but our own operating our ports.

That's interesting. I object to any nation including "our own" operating "our" ports.

Why the exception on your part?