More Isolationism Masquerading as Morality

Now they're trying to ban Americans from gambling online. Let's see, $12 billion in 2005, most of it from Americans. Not exactly huge when compared to the 1.5 trillion in total US imports, but not completely insignificant either.

I may be reading too much into this, but I would be surprised if isolationism isn't a factor.

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I think it may not even be

I think it may not even be real isolationism, but rather simple tax-greed. One of the big objections that my local representative voices to these sites is that they can be hard to tax, and winnings from them can be very hard to tax. So really what we may have here is tax-greed masquerading as isolationism masquerading as morality.

Haven't they been trying to

Haven't they been trying to do this forever? In fact, I beleive several major credit card companies have already capitulated by not allowing their cards to be used for such purposes. Of course it's about the tax money. Remember that gambling winnings are taxed at 40%, and I would guess that most people don't deduct their losses. In my estimation, it's only a matter of time before they succeed, so bet away while you can. Still, they've survived this long...

I wouldn't be surprised if

I wouldn't be surprised if the Senators who support this bill accept campaign contributions from U.S. based gambling businesses.

Don't forget state

Don't forget state governments also are pretty involved in gambling themselves. Connecticut gets a cut of indian gaming. A vast majority of states have lotto systems. Every dollar spent online is a dollar that doesn't go into the state's coffers directly or indirectly. How about the FTC's campaign on internet lotteries. It's not like the governments don't have any stake in this either.