Wouldn\'t a Single Bribe Somewhere be More Efficient?

From Coyote Blog :

Getting the Government's Permission to do Business

...There are a lot of things to do from a customer service standpoint to get the business up and running, but there is a staggering list of permissions and licenses we need from the state of Colorado and other government bodies to be able to conduct this business, particularly since this is our first entry into Colorado. Here is what we know we need so far, though I caution that this list continues to grow at the rate of 2-3 more items a day as we learn more:

See list from above link.

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A perfect example of how

A perfect example of how regulation creates monopoly.

better yet, go underground

better yet, go underground or offshore.

i'm serious, it is the true

i'm serious, it is the true practice of what we preach.

In many cases, going

In many cases, going underground or offshore is an excellent option. But it's probably not a great idea when your business involves operating parks and campgrounds.

I'd go camping underground

I'd go camping underground or offshore. Sounds fun! Bring your spelunking and scuba diving gear.

[...] t a monopoly actually

[...] t a monopoly actually represents good business practices. H/T: Got the original link from Catallarchy. [...]