Bad Physics Revisted

Jennifer Ouellette was kind enough to respond to my post criticizing her discussion with Dave Iverson on Forum about deregulation. I sent her a copy of my reply to her comment in email and she replied to my email. I'll paraphrase her email rather than quoting it because I did not ask her permission to quote her.

It turns out Jennifer describes herself as socially liberal and fiscally conservative, which I think describes all of our contributors and most of our readers. She apparently was not expecting deregulation to come up, so she was taken by surprise and pretty much allowed Iverson to push his agenda of "deregulation bad." I guess Iverson is even better than Krasny (whose name means red, incidentally, and I have it on good authority that that does not tend to be a coincidence among Russians) at pushing his socialist agenda on his guests, or I just wasn't expecting it from him the way I have come to expect it from Krasny.

As penance, I've ordered a copy of Jennifer's book, Black Bodies and Quantum Cats.

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"Krasny" can also mean

"Krasny" can also mean "beautiful". "Krasny Plochad" is therefore either Beautiful Square or Red Square to taste.

In Comrade Krasny's case he

In Comrade Krasny's case he has stated on his show that it means "red."