Friday Fun Nitpick

It's not related to the totally voluntary society, apriorism, or metaphysics, but it needs to be said. Males: you're wearing too much cologne if I can smell it. In other words, since I am not going to be dancing, cuddling, or what-have-you with you, I should not be in the range to smell it. If I can, that means you have enough on to make it noticeable outside the proper range.

I doubt our distinguished readers have much of a problem with this, but please let your less cultivated friends, acquaintances, and coworkers know. It doesn't make them more appealing or classy. It makes them look like they're trying and failing to be appealing and classy. I don't know when the mass phenomenon of way too much cologne got started, but I hope we can start beating it back.

(I got this from my father, so if any of you knows a guy who says the same thing, maybe he's the first.)

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I've noticed a disturbing

I've noticed a disturbing trend in recent years where women are becoming more like men, and men are becoming more like women. Unfortunately, the nexus of these trends seems to be focused around the use of smelly products. I used to think it was bad to be stuck in an elevator with a woman wearing too much perfume, but now I get stuck in an elevator with too much perfume on one side and too much cologne on the other. Their scents battle each other like caged animals, snarling and feinting, always watchful for that opening in the other's aromatic defenses.

Two scents enter. One scent leaves.

Sadly, the one scent is actually a combination of the worst qualities of both the perfume and the cologne, mixed with sweat and the fart that nobody will own up to.

I only wear "fresh scent"

I only wear "fresh scent" deodorant. If you can smell it, your nose is too sensitive :)

I'll call your

I'll call your "non-monopolistic security provision polycentric legal order gold standard Hayek" and raise you a "private equillibrium emergent derivative Friedman teleological natural rights edition". HA!

I'm not sure it's the same

I'm not sure it's the same people, but I think that perhaps some people gauge whether they are using the right amount of cologne relates to whether they can continuously smell it themselves, much like some sense that the right amplification for the loudspeaker system they are speaking into is so that they can hear the words booming throughout the room, even though it is inflicting pain on the listeners' eardrums.

Hear, hear ... or should I

Hear, hear ... or should I say Smell, Smell.

As a wise man once said

As a wise man once said about a substance other than men's cologne: A drop is as good as a gallon.

I agree. I had a woman I was

I agree. I had a woman I was dating ask if I wore any cologne. I said, "nope, just the smell of soap and aftershave." She said, "that's what I thought - that's very nice."

In my opinion, whatever you're wearing ought to be smelled only by those occupying your personal space. IIRC, women have a much better sense of smell than men, so if you can smell it hours after you've put it on, you're wearing too much.

Stretch...I never thought I

Stretch...I never thought I would see a bridge between perfume, cologne and the Thunderdome. Nice.

I would like to raise the issue that it is a good idea to be clean before you put on perfume or cologne. Nothing could be more of an unexpected hygene nasal body blow than a top layer whiff of Chanel #5 followed by a backside whiff of partied til 5 ashtrays and alcohol sweat. I have noticed this type of offense is the greatest with those who favor the petchulli type perfumes. I would rather sit in the department store Christmas clouds of perfume, without having eaten anything for hours, listening to the hens cluck than have to deal with that.