Bad Medicine

From this CBS article about the recent recommendation by the FDA's advisory panel that methylphenidates such as Ritalin (used primarily for treating ADHD) should carry a black box warning about potential risks for people with pre-existing heart conditions:

"Nissen said his suggestion was meant partly to slow what he characterized as the 'out of control growth' [of] use of the drugs."

So Dr. Nissen admits he thinks a black box warning about potential heart risks should be on the drugs because in his opinion the drugs are being used too much, not because of the actual existence of such risks. In other words, he's using this opportunity to push his own agenda onto government drug policy. Dr. Nissen should be fired from the committee immediately.

Is it just me, or are doctors and scientists the worst possible people to be advising the government on policy? Seems to me that all of them, from the "global warming" fearmongers to Carl "Nuclear Winter" Sagan himself, are just pushing their own opinions onto the rest of us by choosing evidence based on whether it advances their own agenda rather than based on anything to do with the scientific method.

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This is an unbelievable

This is an unbelievable admission of what these guys are doing.
So there is uncertainty whether Ritalin might cause heart problems?
The public must be alerted with a “Black Box” warning.
The only surprise so far is that the shysters who advertise in the local newspaper haven’t gotten up their black box ads soliciting for lawsuits yet.

“ Does your child take Ritalin. You may have important legal rights. Call for consultation now at 444-$$$$’s. Hurry!!”

Do a Google search for

Do a Google search for "ritalin lawyer." They're all over this.

This is what we get for letting lawyers make the laws and doctors decide who can compete with them.

May I assume that you do not

May I assume that you do not think average humans (politicians, cops, teachers, plumbers, econimists...etc) don't do this? Only doctors and scientists?

I think you need to read some history, you just seem to have comitted the same fallacy that those "doctors and scientists" did.

I personally think it's evil to ever set policy by what the screamers say.

I worked with Pfizer, and I wouldn't want them selling policy either. Although I don't mind them arguing about it.

PS, you did know that some Doctors and Scientists are on the other side of the arguement too, didn't you? Don't you want to hear from them too?