Ivy League Selection

While I'm pitching Malcolm Gladwell, this piece on admissions policies in the Ivy League is also excellent. It discusses how the elite universities use their admissions policies to maintain their reputations, which is what they are selling.

Now I'm getting psyched to read Blink and Tipping Point, which are in my (gigantic) in pile...

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I already explained this

I already explained this months ago in my blog. If people would just read my blog they wouldn't have to read anything else.

I didn't think Tipping Point

I didn't think Tipping Point was that great. It made some decent points but overall I thought it was fairly shallow and repetitive. Fortunately it was pretty short.

How different from the

How different from the Oxbridge experience, where the pressure has been from Socialists with their class obsessions. In the late 60s, the proportion of the intake from State schools was 70% and rising. Then those Forces of Progress set about spoiling State education. The proportion of admissions from state schools started to fall: the Bien Pensants decided that the problem lay in the Entrance Examinations; it just wasn't fair - pupils in private schools were better prepared for those exams. So the entrance exams were scrapped and more weight was put on interviews. Bloody hell, what sort of cretin do you have to be to suppose that interviews would tend to favour The Children of The Workers? So now the proportions are about 50:50 for those educated in Britain, but with more entrants coming from the Continent, particularly from those countries where a rigorous school system survives - such as the ex-satellite states of the Soviet Union. We do do irony in Britain, do we not?

Funny, I was going to say

Funny, I was going to say the same thing about "Blink." Seriously - almost those exact same words.