Is a Middle Class a Bad Thing?

I know the thought may seem ridiculous, but it has occurred to me that being in the "middle class" is really about being near the top of the progressive section of the tax regime, just below where it really becomes worthwhile to start worrying about tax shelters and investments that are better than savings accounts or CDs.

Is it possible that the middle class is a creation of tax regimes that are progressive only at the bottom and central bank policies that penalize regular savings and inflate asset prices?

Update: What I mean here is that perhaps the middle class as a somewhat stable group that doesn't consist almost entirely of people who are either rapidly on their way up or down in the world may be due to these problems.

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Damnit, Brandon, that

Damnit, Brandon, that happens to me far too often.

My supposition was that the very existence of a middle class as a stable entity (i.e. not consisting entirely of people rapidly on the way up or on the way down) is mainly due to the problems that I describe.

Sean: To be honest, I didn't

To be honest, I didn't really understand what you were trying to say. Are you saying that most people in the middle class would be rich if they were taxed less?

It's fashionable to pretend that Social Security is a pension plan, not a welfare program. So logically there should be some cap on the benefits and "premium." The only really odd part is that they haven't completely dropped the pretense yet.

Odd, isn't it, the way that

Odd, isn't it, the way that if you have a high enough income you stop paying any further contributions to Social Security? And it isn't just the US: the same is true in the UK.

Does nobody have an opinion

Does nobody have an opinion on this? Should I have mentioned breasts or something?