Superbowl Commercial Predictions

1. At least four (4) commercials will incorporate “talking” animals, two of which will feature talking chimps/apes/monkeys that will be made to look intellectually superior to their human counterparts in the commercial.
2. A serious drama actor or an old stodgy politician will do something either self-deprecating or risqué that goes against his usual image.
3. Several beer commercials will feature a man making a complete fool of himself at a bar while trying to impress a woman.
4. Several beer commercials will feature a man making a complete fool of himself at his home while attempting to score with a woman.
5. One, possibly two, ads will feature flatulence as the punchline joke.
6. Not necessarily ad-related, but Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” will be referenced (either directly or indirectly) at least once during the course of the evening by someone.
7. Pepsi will feature a minimum of one ad that will look like a music video for those with ADD: A street full of people dancing with various flavor-of-the-month cameos of pop singers as the camera whisks from one shot to the next every 0.67 seconds.
8. A middle-aged man will do something inhumanly stupid in front of his kids and wife.
9. Something, someone, somewhere will make a tongue-in-cheek reference to Brokeback Mountain.
10. There will be a few ads featuring cute little kids acting/saying things that typical grownups would do.

Enjoy! :grin:

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And depending on the

And depending on the creativity levels at the ad agencies, we may well see concepts that should be put to rest:

a. The elderly female talking jive, skateboarding, riding a motorcycle, jumping from a plane, or doing some other "cool" thing.

b. An SUV/pickup tranversing territory that it could have only gotten to via helicopter, and miraculously shiny in a mucky or dusty environment.

I hope there's a follow-up

I hope there's a follow-up to these predictions, since I don't watch the Superbowl. Is it today? Maybe I'll try to catch it.

I didn't notice any Janet

I didn't notice any Janet Jackson or wardrobe malfunction references.

The Bud Light commercial with the bear and the FedEx commercial with the cavemen were great though. The Diet Pepsi ads sucked.

Actually, there was a brief

Actually, there was a brief commercial for Dancing With the Stars (I think) that briefly flashed a screen that read, "Wardrobe Malfunction?".

Nevertheless, a lot of my predictions didn't come true, but they were just common enough to mention.