High Marks

Among the list of government success stories put forth by self-proclaimed liberal John Bice of Michigan State University’s State News:

Environmental protection
Social Security
Medicare and Medicaid
Public education
Public broadcasting
And many others…

A reader sounds off to Bice's column here.

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This is absurd. Libertarians

This is absurd. Libertarians believe in the Constitution as written, meaning they support the use, not the misuse, of regulatory agencies and government power.

Matty can leave me out of that shit.

- Josh

If only use and misuse were

If only use and misuse were not so often one and the same....

Quite bad. "Libertarians

Quite bad.

"Libertarians are fanatical, conservatives are fanatical, liberals are pragmatists."

Fair enough opinion, but generally a member of each group will give a similar variant: most people think their party is the party of pragmatism.

The libertarians differ, of course, in being the true pragmatists.

Now where's that damn dissolve-the-state button?

I really wish he'd done a

I really wish he'd done a better job ripping into the guy's argument, though...

Instead he just makes some equally sweeping generalizations (social security is not "flat broke", just not on a long-term sustainable path) that will be as ignored by the author of the article as the article itself was to us.



The liberals always like to

The liberals always like to portray themselves as better then the rest, but hey so do we, but with us the difference is that were right.

Agreed, Pegasus.

Agreed, Pegasus.