If Health Care were like Social Security...

It would be in the government's interest for people to die before they got their benefits.

You would only get Healthcare if you didn't bother to invest your own money for that purpose.

The Healthcare you got would be restricted to a certain dollar amount per month and would almost always be far less than you needed.

You would lose your Healthcare if you got a job to pay for better health care.

Any age requirements for receiving Healthcare would be placed just beyond the point where one was expected to need it.

There would be no correlation between how much Healthcare you paid for (and if you paid for it) and how much you got.

You would have to wait in long lines for bureaucratic assistance anytime there were any minor changes to your Healthcare account.

You would be required to pay for Healthcare long before you were eligible for it even if you knew you would not be able to use it, or had no desire to use it.

You would lose your Healthcare benefits the moment you died and thus it would not cover any funeral costs.

Healthcare funds would be used for a great many things unrelated to health care.

Any changes in your care and benefits would be in the hands of individuals who knew even less about you and your situation than they do about human anatomy.

Your health care costs would be entirely paid for by individuals who had no chance of getting the same level of care you are getting when the time comes that they need it (if they got it at all).

People everywhere would become more convinced than ever that life as we know it could not exist without our government Healthcare system.


I'm speaking hypothetically of course...

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realistically, it could be

realistically, it could be marginally worse or marginally better..