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That's right the show so many of us love, and so many others love to hate (obviously only unintelligent low-life morons watch popular television shows, and therefore if you hate the show you must be brilliant :stupid:), is back. Admittedly I got a little bored recapping episodes last year, and wasn't able to put posts up as quickly as I would have liked so this year my thoughts on the show are going to be a little less recap oriented. Instead you'll get to read more about what goes through the head of a moron like me :wink: while I'm watching the show.

If you're not interested in this sort of thing feel free to write me a long email about how much it annoys you that I blog on American Idol on an obviously libertarian/philosophy/econ/academic-or-not blog, and I'll be sure to care just as soon as I get the lobotomy :dunce:.

So here goes... :behead: ....

Episode one took place in Chicago, and in typical AI fashion, the producers of the show managed to turn about half an hour of good content into a full two-hour make-your-ears-bleed screech fest. They even had a montage of rejected singers singing the Moulin Rouge song, which may very well be one of the worst songs ever written. I certainly have no interest in hearing even good singers since goochy-goochy-goo ya ya ya etc. Episode 2 was in Denver. Thankfully this one was only an hour.

There were some pretty good singers in both cities. I don't see any point in picking favorites before we see the top 24 so I'm not going to bother digging the names out of the archives of my tivo. I did have a few interesting observations though based on who we saw make it through. First of all a good singer can hit bad notes and still do a good enough job to make it through. A bad singer can hit all the right notes, never be off pitch or out of tune and still not have a chance of making it to the next round.

Voice quality has a big impact on how well you do, but what seems to make the most difference is your capacity as a performer. There was one girl who had a pretty good voice but shook her head no through the entire performance, which unsurprisingly creeped out the judges. Another contestant kept her eyes closed through her audition to keep from laughing -you can imagine how that went.

In spite of all the fluff that seems to come with a show like this I love watching the whole audition process. The actual audition (that we see) before cameras, judges, and all is like a crucible that pulls out the weaknesses of the contestants and exposes them. We see any self-consciousness, inexperience, lack of preparation, and/or poor judgement the contestants are harboring. They can dress the part, talk themselves up, claim to be confident and unconcerned about the outcome, but if any part of that isn't true it sticks to them like a magnet (okay so magnets don't typically stick to people but you get the point). Then we see how much difference experience can make. How an experienced singer can take the same song, sing the same notes, and give them so much more feeling and life than a less experienced contestant.

I think it's the auditions that make idol better than past singing competition shows like star search. We don't just see the outcome of the process, the perfect polished singers who get to take the stage; we see who they beat out, who lost it to their own nerves, who wasn't quite good enough, who could sing but couldn't perform, who could perform but couldn't sing, and who was just a little too weird for T.V.

Still the early auditions are actually my least favorite part of the season. There are too many boring back-stories, and way to much time spent on people who are overconfident, oddly dressed, bizarre, or just moronic. To me the "not quites" are far more interesting than the people who only made it before the judges because of their telegenic shock value. So here's to another season of idol discussion :gossip:. Woohoo!! :cool:

::Update:: And one other thing any emails I get on the subject may get posted publicly, and perhaps blogged upon for their entertainment value should I so have the desire. :twisted:

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Aaaa.. the most notable

Aaaa.. the most notable aspect of the show for me was the fact that the Paula and Randy voted yes on at least two dogs that Simon voted down.

That was pretty funny, but I

That was pretty funny, but I do have to wonder how badly they are going to crash and burn in the next round of auditions.

Is there a reason that RSS

Is there a reason that RSS feeds for this community are now replacing the smiley-face images you use with big "host it yourself, moocher" signs?

So not only is Rainbough a

So not only is Rainbough a girl, but she watches American Idol as well?

Seriously however, I don't see why you shouldn't blog about this on a libertarian/economy/philosophy blog. From browsing the wikipedia article, the show looks very capitalist to me: A bunch of people offering singing-services audition and the ones best able to satisfy consumer desires for singing are hired. Everyone else is rejected and has to look for another job. What's wrong with that? :juggle:

Is there a reason that RSS

Is there a reason that RSS feeds for this community are now replacing the smiley-face images you use with big “host it yourself, moocher” signs?

Yes, there is a reason.

Some time ago, there were people using images off our site, basically mooching our bandwidth and storage. The answer to that is to change the image to something else, like a "quit mooching" sign. But, we don't want to stop use of the image for our own site. The way to meet both requirements is to set up the web server to look into the image request and check for the referrer string. If the request is referred from our own server, then serve up the right image otherwise serve up the "quit mooching" image.

RSS aggregator implementations can break this. If you are getting our RSS feed through an aggregator on another web server, then the referrer string would refer to the web server you are getting the RSS from, not ours.

There should be a way of more or less fixing this, and I suppose I'll have to figure it out and fix it.

Keep up the good work

Keep up the good work posting on "Idol". It's my secret pleasure and yes it belongs here because we tend to get too serious.
Mover Mike

Dave - we should be able to

Dave - we should be able to allow certain referrers besides ourselves. We should special case bloglines, feedster, feedburner, etc.

:furious: BLog about it all


BLog about it all you like. I don't have to read it.

A few days ago, I watched

A few days ago, I watched that show for the first -- and last -- time. It was just awful. I hated the way the judges insulted people and made their decisions based on a few seconds of performance. The singers they liked weren't even good.

Moreover, that Simon guy is absolutely loathsome. I'll bet he can't sing worth a dime.

The singers passed through a

The singers passed through a whole series of auditions before the ones we actually see, so they have a good idea of who is good and who is not before they send them in. Also in a lot of cases you don't see all of the audition that takes place. It is cut in such a way that it appears that you did. Later on you see might see a clip from the same audition that was not aired in sequence with the audition.

In any case the early auditions are actually the least interesting part of the season. If you like watching singing competitions you'll be missing out on a lot if you judge the whole show based on one of the early episodes. The show will be completely different in future rounds especially when it gets to the voting rounds.

That would be like refusing to watch the olympics because you didn't like watching the tryouts. :wall:

"Blog about it all you like. I don’t have to read it."

You would think people would have enough sense to just scroll past what they didn't want to read, but I got multiple comments last year that consisted of "why are you blogging on THIS or isn't this off topic? Can't you blog about this on your personal blog?" In fact I expect to get a few this year too. :roll:

If you don't blog about what

If you don't blog about what the consumers want, you'll go out of business and won't get paid to blog. Oh wait. :cool: