Congress: Just Say No

From CNN:

Treasury Secretary John Snow said this week that the administration plans to lower the deficit through stringent controls on spending, which he said would be evident in the budget proposal for 2007 that Bush will send to Congress in early February.

However, budget experts are already predicting that Congress will balk at making sharp cuts in the growth of popular government programs, especially in an election year.

It's a good thing Congress is dominated by the political party that traditionally represents itself as the party of limited government and fiscal restraint. :roll:

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Ironically John Snow is a

Ironically John Snow is a good guy in the fantasy novels of George RR Martin (or as good as his characters are capable of getting I suppose)...

Not to mention a President

Not to mention a President who is committed to winning the Global War on Vetoes.

But it's all about

But it's all about politics-as-usual: proposing cuts that neither party will allow, then pretending you did everything you could to balance the budget.
As the budget was going crazy there was much discounting of any worries about the need to balance the budget, so now it's important to distract attention from the original cause.