Saving Jerry\'s Kids

Concerned citizen Jerry Hennen writes a letter to the editor about Howard Stern's new gig on Sirius, and advocates legislation to produce a brand of entertainment suitable for Jerry Hennen's desires.

So, look out America, your 12-year-olds are going to learn a lot as Stern peddles sex talk as never before.


He will overdo it, and hopefully there will be new rules and an FCC oversight of satellite radio as well.

We can stop Howard Stern by not subscribing to Sirius radio and banning the disc jockey from all radios in our homes.

Mr. Hennen should've began and ended with only the last line, the only really sensible comment in the whole letter. Though I like Stern, his salary and employment should obviously be based on the number of those who listen to him.

But instead, the writer openly wishes that the FCC is given control over satellite radio, a pay service. And this isn't just to pick on this one guy, of course. He unfortunately represents many people with the same ideas. And a few Google searches will find government representatives who are pushing this idea.

Imagine regulating all media and entertainment - paid or not - with the litmus test of a 12-year-old possibly stumbling upon a few words or images.

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