That flu is for the birds

Update: just in case anyone was wondering, I'm still not worried one bit about the bird flu. Maybe it's my superhuman immune system, or maybe it's the way the bird flu is in the news every day without appearing to have any impact on anyone's life that I can observe. An illness that kills old people or young children doesn't make me happy, but it doesn't make me sweat either.

The real tragedy is that there are still places where minor illnesses can be fatal.

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Isn't one of the scary

Isn't one of the scary things about bird flu specifically that it kills *healthy* people?

Given the news out of

Given the news out of Turkey, I suspect that many thousands of Chinese have been infected without us knowing since they neither died nor showed symptoms...... Our news tells us only of the ones that died in China while in Turkey we hear about the others.

Bottom line: it's a bad flu but not nearly as fatal as 1918 or as the scaremongers would have it.