Markets in Everything: Naked Fakes

clothes sample from Naked FakesThe Sexoteric Blog (NSFW!) reports on companies which will photoshop pictures to add nudity:

"Want a nude photo of your secretary or your kids' school teacher, without getting arrested? Well, you might just have to fake it. This is one company that photoshops pictures you send them, to remove the clothes. Well, that's maybe an exaggeration: they paste in another body. So, no guarantee it really looks like her."

Go to the company's page to see their samples, including the pic on the right, and click to see the edited version. Front page is SFW, but obviously the edited versions are not.

Given the widespread belief that people own works derived from or about them, I wonder whether there are legal issues when photoshopping non-celebrities. Perhaps your secretary could argue that the existence of such photos is sexual harassment, which is a rather wide umbrella nowdays. Still, a naked fake seems less invasive of privacy than a hidden camera or a trip to someone's house with binoculars, the other long-time staples of Peeping Toms. Perhaps it all comes back to the old debate about whether fantasy acts as a safe outlet or an unsafe encouragement for inappropriate desires. Anyone seen any actual research on the subject?

("Markets in Everything" meme from Marginal Revolution, of course)

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Ah, aren't markets great?

Ah, aren't markets great?