Farris Hassan\'s Day Off

Here's a kid with some moxie. American teenager sneaks off to Iraq to do some journalism for a high school class over Christmas.

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[...] admit the comparison

[...] admit the comparison completely escaped me. But when the shoe fits… Randy Thomas Catallarchy Sister Toldjah Brutally Honest Flying Lumberyard UNCoRRELATED [...]

Ooh, golf clap for the FBDO

Ooh, golf clap for the FBDO reference.

I feel like the danger

I feel like the danger element in this story is being seriously overblown. It's like we perceive any risk of death over 1% as "virtually certain".

I had more "moxie" when I

I had more "moxie" when I was six. If this kid went there and did what he said he went to do, that's one thing. Instead, he calls up AP the minute he gets there. What a baby. He's just another camera hog, looking for exposure. And I agree the "danger" element is way overblown.

What would have been

What would have been impressive would have been if he was some red-headed or blond kid and went to Mosul or Bagdad. But in that case it wouldn't have been moxie but stupidity.