Kentucky Votes

My friends at the Bluegrass Institute have set up to allow the state's citizens to scrutinize the actions of their legislature. From their website: gives users instant access to concise, plain language and objective descriptions of every single bill, amendment, and vote that takes place in the Kentucky legislature. Unlike any other bill tracking utility,, is unique because all legislative actions are described - not just those selected by a particular interest group. It is searchable by legislator, keyword, and dozens of subject categories, so users can create their own custom “voting record guide.”

There should be something like this for every government on Earth.

The Bluegrass Institute, by the way, is a state free-market think tank in the mold of Cato, Mercatus, etc. In just a short time they have brought many powerful minds to Kentucky to agitate for free-market ideas - people like Stephen Moore, Ron Paul, and Abigail Thernstrom. Check their blog here.

Any Kentucky Catallarchists should check them out if you have not yet.

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Thanks, Trent! Oh, and about

Thanks, Trent! Oh, and about this Saturday.... GO CARDS!!! :grin: