Sweet and Tender Hooligan

About 20 years ago, I recall comedian Jay Leno commenting on how European press was criticizing the film Rambo for being too violent for movie-goers, to which he suggested that Rambo wear a soccer uniform in the film to be more acceptable to their public.

Today, the Guardian doesn’t like American media highlighting Europe's futbol fan hooliganism, and they’re not going to take it anymore. So they gave us a laundry list of Yankee sports-related violence, and claims the Americans are the pot calling the kettle black. (Although in my searches, I couldn’t find the latest Euro-riot involving tear gas covered in any American media)

But the difference here is that the commonly accepted stereotype is that Europeans are far more sophisticated, polite and high-brow than their American counterparts. The long-time general feeling is that Americans are the cowboys who watch too many violent films and play too many violent video games. Too competitive, coarse, and aggressive. Such is probably why Americans tend to point out with some hints of 'schadenfreude' when fan behavior gets out of hand (or when racism, supposedly another trait dominated by Americans, rears its ugly head) across the pond.

Though with no actual data to back it up, the Guardian points out that “riots at US sports events occur far more frequently than they do in the UK”. Even supposing for a moment that this is true, I'd be interested to know what the figure is on a per capita basis. In any one year, there are countless more sporting events, both at the high school, collegiate and professional level, being played in the US compared to the UK. Naturally the sheer number of opportunities for rowdy fan behavior is much higher in the US.

Alas, it also doesn’t help that the Guardian based the vast majority of their American Hooliganism examples on events involving Philadelphia Eagles fans, but I digress. :roll:

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Dear Gawdeen, Why don't

Dear Gawdeen,

Why don't youze come t' Philly and say deez tings t' awr faciz, ehn?

- Josh

I suspect that there is much

I suspect that there is much less violence at US sports events, which is quite remarkable given how boring your favoured sports are.