R. W. Bradford, RIP

Stephen Cox, via Rational Review, informs us that R. W. Bradford, founder and editor-in-chief of Liberty magazine, died Thursday of cancer at the age of 58. Liberty will continue publication under the editorship of Dr. Cox.

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That's very sad news. I've

That's very sad news. I've been a subscriber to Liberty since it started, and it's been a consistently stimulating publication, in part due to the diversity of opinions welcomed in it. We heard the news from David Friedman at the Freedom Summit that Bradford was seriously ill and that the future of the magazine itself was in doubt. Its subscriber numbers have dropped considerably; as of the last report in its pages I believe it was just over 5,000 subscribers.

I'm glad to see that someone will continue the magazine, though Cox's contributions have been among the ones I least enjoy reading.

I tremendously enjoyed

I tremendously enjoyed reading Liberty, particularly in the early 90s. I stopped subscribing a few years ago because I don't need more reading material and have ceased to care at all about the U.S. Libertarian Party--serious journalistic coverage of which was Liberty's most unique trait.

R.W. Bradford was a good writer, I usually agreed with him, and did not register on my kook-o-meter. And I loved Liberty's minimalistic design, which the website replicates well.

I'll miss knowing Bradford is out there, even though I had stopped reading (if he'd started a blog I would've subscribed).

Agree with Lippard's last sentence regarding continuation of the magazine and disenjoyment of Cox.

A personal thanks to Bradford for (re?)publishing The Sociology of the Ayn Rand Cult, a freebie with my first subscription. A hilarious inoculation.

Damn. Bradford and Liberty

Damn. Bradford and Liberty were instrumental in moving me away from the Lunatic Libertarians (aka The LP) and towards rational and pragmatic libertarianism. You know, where I actually had to, uh, think about my positions. Liberty will change, but hopefully it will still perform as well. I'm glad I was exposed to it and Bradford early in my exploration of libertarianism.