Corporate Campaign Contribution Limits: A Law For Lawyers, By Lawyers?

It seems like corporations, in general, should want limits on liability, because it is much more likely that they will be sued than that they will sue someone else. Lawyers, on the other hand, want no limits on liability or on their ability to sue. This helps lawyers on all sides, because corporations will pay more for lawyers to defend themselves as well as to sue other corporations, and class action lawyers can make a lot more money with a lot less work.

Limits on corporate campaign contributions, aside from decreasing transparency by forcing the money to go through more indirect paths, does limit the influence of corporations over the legislative process in relation to that of lawyers. The end result is a more litigious society and richer lawyers.

Elimination of those limits might reverse this trend to a certain extent. Getting rid of the guild protection lawyers enjoy (controlling bar exam pass rates instead of just minimum standards = guild protection) seems like it could also reduce the influence of lawyers over the legislative process by making lawyers less wealthy overall as a species, but I can't prove it. Applying Heinlein's solution, however, would provably reduce the influence of lawyers.


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I think you've hit the nail

I think you've hit the nail on the head. I'm becoming more and more convinced that white collar guilds are the new labour unions.

Lawyers, law schools, bar

Lawyers, law schools, bar associations, and legislators... they're all in this protection racket together. It's just one big beautiful circle of rent extraction and wealth destruction.

Heinlein's solution often

Heinlein's solution often strikes me as the only possible solution these days.

What is Heinlein's solution?

What is Heinlein's solution? Is it anything like Shakespeare's?

Ha, touche.

Ha, touche.

What is Heinlein’s

What is Heinlein’s solution? Is it anything like Shakespeare’s?

It's the same :)

Just for clarity, Heinlein

Just for clarity, Heinlein wrote a utopian short story called "The Year We Hanged All the Lawyers".

And The Number of the Beast

And The Number of the Beast refers back to the same universe. The justice system is somewhat harsh, but it also ends up being the universe where the universe-hopping group wants to set up their home base.