Another Republican can\'t maintain the charade

This story is too good not to share with you:

SPOKANE, Washington (Reuters) - Voters in Spokane, Washington, have ousted their conservative mayor following newspaper reports that he offered city jobs to young men in the hopes of having sex with them, according to election results posted on Wednesday.

So far not terribly intriguing. But James West isn't just any ordinary politician. He's a former Boy Scout leader, a former deputy sheriff, and a prominent Republican in the state. "In the legislature he had a reputation as a social conservative and co-sponsored a bill which would have made unmarried sex between teenagers a crime and another that would limited contact between gay state employees and children."

Why is he trying to impose fundamentalist Christian morality on the state of Washington if he's a corrupt homosexual?

If he had merely wrestled with his homosexuality privately, he'd be a case for pity. It's an awful thing to have to hide or deny that fact about yourself because you're stuck to some ancient nonsense. I feel for people who cannot 'come out' because their friends, families, or communities would shun them.

But I do not feel for people who try to force everyone else down the path of shame and irrational guilt that they're on. I'm glad to see him go.

(Just to be clear, I am not implying that all pushy social conservatives are secretly at war with themselves. All too many of them, I'm afraid, are True Believers.)

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I heard an interview with

I heard an interview with him several months ago when the scandal first broke; his answer to charges of hypocrisy was that he was doing what his constituents wanted him to do even though he might not necessarily agree with it himself. Doesn't sound very plausible, but I guess it's conceivable.

Brandon - if true, then in a

Brandon - if true, then in a perverse way West would be admirable, demonstrating the true essence of the entrepreneur, the businessman, the service provider, the mercenary... the kind of people we AnCaps say get too little respect from the populace.

"My personal opinions on these subjects are X, but since a large number of people are demanding the representational services of Y, I'll provide that service for them, in exchange for a Mayor's pay and privilege."

Frankly, though, the stomach turns at the kind of mental gymnastics required to view elevation to a position of power and authority over others as a service, and one's personal dishonesty and public hypocrisy as equivalent to an irrelevant personal preference in an otherwise normal business transaction.

Eddie, where do you get your

Eddie, where do you get your information about AnCaps that you believe that we admire people who do violate others' rights just because they're doing it in an entrepreneurial way? You either haven't been reading Catallarchy very long or we're doing a pretty bad job of getting our point across.

If people could do whatever they wanted just because they were "serving a want," well, that'd be... anarchy! (Also known as winner-take-all majority-rules democracy.)

Sean - you may have missed

Sean - you may have missed the words "perverse" and "stomach turns" in my post. Still, if my post doesn't work for you, feel free to read "eddie" for "we AnCaps" and I'll take full personal responsibility.

Ok, ok. I just think there

Ok, ok. I just think there are too many people already who think that those who believe in laissez faire capitalism somehow think that immoral behavior should be allowed.

I just think there are too

I just think there are too many people already who think that those who believe in laissez faire capitalism somehow think that immoral behavior should be allowed.

I think you mean unjust behavior ("inefficient" behavior for some?). As Walter Block, et al, have reminded all of us, laissez-faire capitalism permits (in the sense that it disallows the automatic use of violent force to prevent) prostitution, multiple tattoos and piercing, voluntary cannibalism, free love, suicide, incest, drug addiction, lying, running a slum, loan sharking, gambling, gay marriage (or any kind of marriage), bestiality, flashing, lying, blackmail, sexism, inheritance, wage-labor, worker's cooperatives, stripminers, scabs, child labor, curmudgeons, libel, downloading mp3s, denying academic freedom, advertising, scalping, weird religion, non-Christian religion, speculation, and alcoholism.

That's why it's called a "free" market, appropriately enough. :dizzy: