Dr. Ecstasy on Ecstasy

The Age has an interesting article in which Dr. Alexander Shulgin, the man who invented the drug known as ecstasy, laments its recent fate. Specifically, that the stigma associated with rave culture means it's less likely that ecstasy can be used to help the mentally ill. "Its very excellent potential for being used as medicine has been badly jeopardised."

Not that it causes young people to lose control of themselves, or to become sexual predators (or victims). His concern is that governmental disapproval is denying the fulfillment of its medicial potential. And the man ought to have some idea: "As a former lecturer at the University of California at Berkeley, he self-tested many of his experiments, and has admitted to more than 4000 psychedelic experiences."

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Shulgin didn't invent

Shulgin didn't invent Ecstacy, he just discovered its psychoactive effects. I think it was actually invented by Merck in the early 20th century.