What Iraqi party matches your beliefs?

I just read a random piece of advice on teaching Computer Science from a friend, who said:

Learn on your own: We live in a miraculous time. EVERYTHING you could want to know is readily available. If you are reading this, you have access to the most miraculous creation mankind has ever put together: The Internet. This is good stuff here. Textbooks are no longer necessary (although the publishers will scream if they hear me say that). Instructors are certainly not the best source of knowledge. If you look, you can find nearly anything you could ever want to know. This is AMAZINGLY true in Computer Science. Even I, who spend a great deal of almost every day online, manage to forget this with great regularity. For example: Want to know what life is like in Iraq? Want to know how they feel about the troops that are there? Why not read it yourself? Google for "Iraqi blog" and get a very different take on the situation. (I'd say it is safe to characterize it as being neither what the Democrats want you to think nor what the Bush Administration is believing with all their might.)

Embarassingly, I realized that I have stated opinions on Iraq (although not, I think, on the opinions of Iraqi's) without having taken advantage of the primary sources so readily available. A quick Google found the blog Iraq The Model, which linked me to this political test to find your favorite Iraqi party. Hey, I remember taking one of those in the last US election - these guys are catching on to democracy fast. I had to punt with "Neutral" on several questions I didn't know enough about, and ended up with a tie between the PUK and INC.

There were a number of questions on federalism. Given that there are several vocal minorities it will be interesting to see whether they go with federalism so everyone can be happy, or try to stuff the Kurds and Sunnis into a one-size-fits-all solution that doesn't fit. At least they are thinking seriously about the issue, although its hard to see why the Shiite majority would give up power.

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I guess I'm Kurdish.

I guess I'm Kurdish.

Me too. PUK, KDP, INC in

Me too. PUK, KDP, INC in that order.

Haha! Even in Iraq, I hate

Haha! Even in Iraq, I hate communism and it shows.

Supreme Council for Islamic

Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq!

...that's worrisome.

- Josh

KDP, PUK and Islamic Virtue

KDP, PUK and Islamic Virtue Party :p Yeah I guess I am Kurdish too. :cool:

Top choice when I tried it

Top choice when I tried it was Iraqi National Congress, followed by PUK & "Supreme Council For Islamic Revolution"...:???:

I'm assuming my responses about the occupation would explain that 3rd one, cuz nothing else does.