Forgetting Who Big Brother Is

This is, IMHO, an awesome invention.

Unfortunately, Ken McEldowney of Consumer Action doesn't think so. "It just sounds like Big Brother run amok." I guess I missed the part of the article that says that these people are forcing cars on others at gunpoint. "What if a young mother with children gets stranded in a dangerous part of town? Or someone needs to go to the hospital?" Hmmm, let's think about this for a moment. This system is designed for people who can't otherwise get cars. I guess Ken would prefer that people don't have cars in the first place. That'll get them to the hospital, Ken. And I'd have to question any mother who drove into a dangerous part of town knowing her grace period was up (the system makes darned sure you know that) and then gets stranded there.

Big Brother isn't the maker of this device. Big Brother is who'll probably end up oulawing it because of people like Ken. Big Brother is Ken's friend.

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Update: looks like TJIC beat me to it.

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I blogged about this a few

I blogged about this a few days ago including predictions on how the leftists will deal with this invention.

Check it out.

Wow, that's a great product.

Wow, that's a great product. What a great example of how to help poor people with clever capitalism.

Not to mention that the

Not to mention that the device reduces the cost of car ownership for low-income drivers, by lowering the overhead costs the dealers have to pay to cover reposessions, delinquencies, and fraud.