Fuck the FCC (again!)

The FCC just doesn't stop.

Federal Communications Commission chairman Kevin Martin said networks should aid parents in making choices.

He warned if cable and satellite channels did not protect against indecency they could face being regulated by the FCC.

US TVs are required to have a V-Chip able to block shows based on a rating.

But currently, obscenity and indecency rules apply only to over-the-air broadcasters.

"You can always turn the television off and of course block the channels you don't want but why should you have to?" said Mr Martin.

Martin also said something about how these currently unregulated channels should "protect" young people from indecency.

Remember Hayek: one of the strategies socialism always uses is the denial of individual responsibility. Sex on TV is not an inherently bad thing (fundies of any stripe are welcome to challenge me and be wrong); therefore, if it is going to be denied to children it should be denied them by their parents. But no, the parents can't be allowed to shoulder that kind of responsibility. Protection of their own children must be up to—surprise!—the government.

Of course I'm sure that none of the people involved in this campaign considers him/herself a socialist, but socialism is about means, not ends.

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Hayek in a foreword to The

Hayek in a foreword to The Road to Serfdom: "I should remind the reader that I have never accused the socialist parties of deliberately aiming at a totalitarian regime...the unforeseen but inevitable consequences of socialist planning create a state of affairs in which, if the policy is to be pursued, totalitarian forces will get the upper hand. I explicitly stress that socialism can be put into practice only by method of which most socialists disapprove."

And people bitched about

And people bitched about Michael Powel. The man was a free-market saint compared to his replacement.

He actually was a

He actually was a free-market saint, pretty much. Almost as good as Bradley Smith. But as government bureacrats, they were obligated to enforce laws with which they strongly disagreed.

Say what you will about the tenets of national socialism - at least it's an ethos.

What's especially weird is

What's especially weird is that the only reason, rightly or wrongly, that the FCC has the authority to control content on broadcast channels is 1.) it's non-excludable (in that you can't stop broadcast signals from arriving at your TV) and 2.) broadcast spectrum is considered to be a publically owned resource.

Neither of these apply to cable, so I'm not sure what the FCC's basis for asserting this authority is.

Because nobody is going to

Because nobody is going to stop them, apparently.

So given that telephone

So given that telephone lines are both excludable and privately owned, when is the FCC going to stop regulating telephone service?

The FCC doesn't regulate the

The FCC doesn't regulate the content on telephone lines.