The Dominos, They Are A-Fallin\'

Why do I like Che? I like Che because he fought for equality, for justice.

This latest statement of CheLove was spoken by Evo Morales, a Hugo Chavez pal who is expected to win an upcoming December election for the President of Bolivia. His more rational approach to the War on Drugs aside – he’s in favor of legalizing the coca leaf – his socialist governing approach and industry nationalizations will make more than a few coffee shop patrons in Berkeley pleased.

Venezula. Bolivia. Who's next? Looks like sales of those Che shirts and “red star” hats at the mall will continue to sell briskly.

More on Latin America and Socialism from Carlos Ball at Cato.

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One heartening fact is that

One heartening fact is that Bolivia has nowhere near as much oil as Venezuela. Venezuela's oil is the only reason Chavez can afford to support his "Bolivarian revolution" and all its inefficiencies. Hopefully the responsibilities of statecraft will moderate Morales as they did Brazil's Lula da Silva (who was also thought to be a fervent socialist).