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Quick! There have been reports of people reselling Xboxes with exhorbitant mark-ups! Some people are reselling packages on eBay for $2500! Clearly these gougers are preying on gaming-addicted teenagers who can't help themselves. They're profiting at the expense of others; profiting from the misfortune of those who aren't able to get their hands on a new Xbox. Unbelievable - the depths to which some will sink.

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What about airline ticket

What about airline ticket prices, which are markedly higher around holidays and weekends? Hotel rooms and rental cars are often subject to the same sort of fluctuations.

People will argue that gas is a necessity and that hotel rooms and airline tickets are luxuries. Humbug. We have chosen to make gas a necessity through the rest of our lifestyle decisions. We do not cry foul - in fact, most people would agree that it's ok for a hotelier to charge more on the weekends - similarly, if you find yourself drifting through the middle of nowhere on a tuesday night, you can probably get a hotel room for less than the posted rate. The room is a sunk cost, and it's not going to rent itself. The same is true for last minute airline tickets.

It just goes to show that people DO understand and accept the basic economic principles that they claim do not exist, do not work, or do not apply when the situation is at odds with what they believe it ought to be.

Bubbles In Everything:

Bubbles In Everything: eBay's Xbox 360 Mania
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So Microsoft sits on top of

So Microsoft sits on top of a massive mound of cash generated by requiring everyone buying a new computer to take Windows whether they want it or not, and someone is worried about a person selling an Xbox for what someone else is more than willing to pay?

You don't have to take

You don't have to take Windows if you don't want it, although most big name shops are biased towards it. There are, however, plenty of internet vendors who will sell you a pc without Windows pre-installed if you want.