Human Development Trends

Don't miss this lovely animation, graphically presenting key numbers about worldwide trends in poverty and prosperity. If more economics reports were this snazzy, people might actually pay attention to them.
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Yeah, excellent graphs and

Yeah, excellent graphs and statistics. Know of any more presentations like this one? On global warming, perhaps?

I am surprised by how well off Ireland is. I always thought it was one of the poorer countries in Europe with a low life expectancy.

Ireland *was* one of the

Ireland *was* one of the poorer countries - until they slashed taxes, spending, and regulation about 15 years ago and started getting richer at a breakneck pace. Ireland, the country of drunken potato eaters looked down upon by the rest of europe, is now the *richest* country in the EU! (not to mention the 4th richest in the world.) The story of Ireland's ascendance is one of the most compelling pieces of evidence that increasing economic freedom has a powerfully positive effect on a society's wealth. More info at wikipedia here:

Oh, and I had a lot of fun with the animation, too!

Ian- I trumpet the celtic


I trumpet the celtic tiger as well, but I think that Luxembourg and Norway both have much higher per capita incomes than Ireland (66k and 44k respectively, in US$), so I'm not sure how we get to Ireland being the richest country in Europe. I'm pretty sure that Germany, Britain, and France have larger economies than Ireland, too.

Brian - I should have been

Brian -

I should have been more specific. I said EU (which would exclude norway but not luxembourg) but what I actually remember seeing was a poster of all of the Eurozone countries, listing incomes, which had Ireland at the top of the list. Luxembourg uses the Euro too AFAIK however, so perhaps they forgot it. Poor Luxembourg, always being left out! :razz: In terms of total economy size, Germany/Britain/France of course have bigger economies than Ireland as they have many more people. But Ireland beats all three in terms of per capita income (per capita GDP (PPP)):

Whereas Ireland had a per capita income only about 60% of france and germany in 1973:


Well, that’s what I get

Well, that’s what I get for watching "The Commitments” instead of reading "The Economist".