I\'m not ashamed to say

I'll admit it: I don't give a damn about Judith Miller, Bob Woodward, Valerie Plame, Plamegate, or anything related to any of those. Really. I could not care less. It still amazes me how much news I encounter about them, but I guess it makes sense because only journalists really care about it and they write the news.

Who's with me?

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It doesn't bother you at all

It doesn't bother you at all that the admin would destroy a national security asset for political purposes? Not that such a scenario is unthinkable, but it doesn't rise above the normal nastiness of politics?

Another Martha Steward case,

Another Martha Steward case, I sure hope noone goes to jail over this non-crime, non-issue.

Yes! Count me in.

Yes! Count me in.

Not at all. Why do you think

Not at all. Why do you think so few Americans pay any attention to the news? Because the news is nothing more than reporting on what politicians are doing. And all politicians ever do is play politics? It's all just basically Dangerous Liaisons without the funny wigs... except for Tom DeLay. His piece is hilarious.

It is very dangerous to say

It is very dangerous to say that the Plame Investigation is not important and the newspapers are hyping the story. Men and women are putting their lives on the line in the service of their country every day. Their tradecraft includes being totally secret and invisible while doing their work. The whole purpose of security in the government is to have people who we can have total confidence to keep the necessary secrecy of our agents and agencies.
To see that our top officials use this information in a political way because of a disagreement is tantamount to treason and should be dealt with in that manner.

I'm sure there's plenty in

I'm sure there's plenty in the story that would rile me up. The problem is, it's so difficult to sift through what's being reported - with heaps of bias. I don't have the time to figure out who to be most mad at.

I'm all in on this. Who

I'm all in on this. Who cares about some stupid CIA operative? If you ask me I think we should blow all of their covers, bring home the troops, and eliminate the need for a CIA.

While we're at subjective definitions of treason, I think unnecessary "secrecy of our agents and agencies" is also tantamount to treason, but should not necessarily be delt with in that manner. As to the US's actual definition of treason as enumerated in the Constitution, I don't see how outing an officer of the secret police fits article III section 3 clause 1:

"Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court."

Political shennanigans within the state it might be, but treason it is not.

I agree with Randall. I

I agree with Randall. I don’t see what the big deal is. If I recall, the entire government leaks like a sieve and leaking of government secrets for political purposes is routine. I can’t even see how knowing that Wilson got his job via his wife was supposed to discredit him.
She was supposed to know more about Niger than him. What was his expertise on the subject of uranium ore anyway?
I ’m yawning while reporters and commentators on TV keep chattering. They are gunning for Carl Rove who hasn’t even been indicted. Also, who cares about the dirty laundry of the press? We already know they lack credibility. Reporters yearn for the glory days of Watergate and try blowing any minor matter into something huge that will bring down the Administration. Unless you are a rabid anti-Bush partisan most people are looking for the channel changer.

Given everything that we've

Given everything that we've found out about the whole kerfluffle in the past 2 years, the idea that Valerie Plame was engaged in or employed any "tradecraft" in the past decade (or was an active covert resource) is facially ludicrous. OTOH, since the CIA is notoriously lax in maintaining covert cover for its agents, its probably safe to say that all of the pious proclamations worrying about the integrity of the CIA are unfortunately well meaning but terminally naive.

Besides, after 2 years Fitz has no conspiracy or even evidence of a conspiracy to "out" an agent as political payback. However, what we do have in the interim is ample evidence that Fmr. Amb. Wilson is a serial fabulist who lied about who sent him, lied about who he met with, and displayed depraved indifference to his wife's covert status (if we're to assume that the concern for her [non-existent] NOC is in fact genuine, then Wilson's attention-grabbing op-eds must be condemned most of all for starting the inevitable "who sent really sent him?" lines of questioning).

Let's assume the worst that

Let's assume the worst that each side claims is true:

Would the government expose someone for political motives? Yes. Would the press overhype something to score political points? Yes. Would an opposition party make things up to get back into power? Yes.

I'm sure the specifics are all very interesting to those who have a vested interest in the Republicans, press or Democrats, but to me -- there's nothing here I don't know already.

There's no upside here for me. No matter who wins, I lose.

All of this applies to

All of this applies to Watergate and Monica Lewinsky or any other "scandal." Our leaders do so many terrible things publically, why should we be particularly worried about the ones they do in secret?

If someone could convince me that if only we pinned THIS scandal on someone, it would shame all the other politicians into behaving, I might start caring. But in reality all scandals do is teach the politicians how to hide from investigations.

I long for the day that "Plamegate" (or whatever you call it) is actually the most important issue facing our nation.

I too could also give a

I too could also give a rat's ass about all the twits surrounding
the Fall of Empire acting as if what they do or did was important.

That includes the major players.

So many distractions, so little time.

I think the Onion said it

I think the Onion said it best when they had one of their features where the man on the street comments on the news: "No matter how much I hear about this, I just can't bring myself to give a shit about it."

I was going to ask why you

I was going to ask why you "don't give a shit", but I guess that has been answered.

Now, if a similar circumstance arose which put your life, livelihood, or family at risk as a result of careless or stupid actions by your politicians, would that be of no consequence to you?

I guess that the Plames could give a shit if it did happen, huh!

Yeah, I don't care either.

Yeah, I don't care either. The benefits of getting worked up over this are much much lower than the costs.

Plamegate is silly, but I

Plamegate is silly, but I think it's interesting that there are turf wars and ideological battles going on between various dept's in the CIA, Defense Dept, etc. The real important stuff will probably never see the light of day. If you care about whom our military kills, invades, pisses off, liberates, whatever, then the underlying factors to all of this should be somewhat intriguing.

Probligo- Its the Wilsons,


Its the Wilsons, Plame was her maiden name that she used as (feeble) cover while publicly and openly working at Langley, in a desk job for pretty much a decade, where her cover or lack thereof is (a) completely and utterly irrelevant to her well being and (b) irrelevant to the performance of her analyst job activities.

Sure, she may have been covert way back in the day, but all the hogwash I read about "her networks being rolled up" and other Bond-wannabe-crap is preposterous. She appeared in public with her husband and, as Andrea Mitchell indelicately (for her political sensibilities) pointed out, everyone in DC who knew Wilson and the diplomatic set knew Wilson's wife was a CIA employee.

Which is why Woodward is quite correct in that this whole show is a kabuki farce (to borrow DeLong's trope) that endangered no one and is of no lasting significance or importance. As most any longtime CIA watchers or ex-officers will tell you, our "spies" are identified in other countries usually within hours of arriving at the embassy, simply because the CIA doesn't give a damn about making Official Cover agents look like convincing Diplomats. Of course, the same is roughly true for everyone else's spies. Like in From Russia with Love, its all a big game where they follow our guys, we follow their guys, and everyone has a nice chuckle afterwards comparing notes. The same is true for the Non-Official Cover guys, who are given as plausible a cover as Bond's ridiculous covers- "Hi, I'm James Bond, a banker." Ok, not as ridiculous, but pretty close.

What Brian Doss said, every

What Brian Doss said, every single word. The man's summed it up better than I could. What a joke.

Jeremy, It doesn’t bother


It doesn’t bother you at all that the admin would destroy a national security asset for political purposes?

Not hardly, it's the taking of my assets that concerns me. But I don't need to follow the news to know about that.

Agreed, who cares? I am more

Agreed, who cares?
I am more concerned with the gummit stealing my money.

An interviewer once asked

An interviewer once asked Wilson why he and the missus appeared in that ridiculous Vanity Fair photo shoot -- she wearing dark glasses, he grinning at the camera like a media whore.

He answered (loosely quoted): "It was such a traumatic event for us; we just had to react by lightening it with humor to get past it."

Riiight. How gullible does he think we all are?

And no, I'm not particularly interested in Plamegate either, except to know how much Mr. Libby will have to *pay* for trying to serve his country and investigate a rogue CIA agent and her non-security-cleared compulsive-liar husband. Well said, Brian.