French Toast

Things continue to get worse for the French, with rioting entering its tenth day and spreading not only towards the central city, but sprouting up in other French major cities as well.

Seems as though they hate cars a lot, with the tally now up to 1,300 automobiles meeting their grisly fate. There have also been racaille (using Nicolas Sarkozy's appropriate term) who have burned down nursery schools, paramedic vehicles, and - of course - McDonalds.

Meanwhile, BBC's "Have Your Say" message board has been an interesting read. The opinions range from those insisting that rioters are "blameless" and that more redistribution of wealth is the answer...

We can't blame the rioters. This is the fault of the French people and French government. When will they learn that they must share wealth with everyone in their country? those who believe too much state dependency has been the main force.

The riots are simply because there is an underclass of FRENCH citizens brought up in a culture where the answer is always not to find your own solutions but rather expect the state to provide them. The French gov't is always quick to acquiesce. Vicious circle.

One of the core rationales being used is Unemployment. Forget for a moment that being poor and/or unemployed is not a valid excuse to rip, burn, and tear down others' property. But it will be telling how France does solve their unemployment rate, which nation-wide tends to hover around 10% or so (and much higher in other, mainly immigrant areas of the country).

Reduce the laws and regulations that currently make hiring more difficult for employers? Or an expansion of government laws in a quick-fix scheme?

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There have also been

There have also been racaille...

A bus driver was set on fire and a critically ill patient was pelted with rocks as he or she was being taken away by parademics.

...which nation-wide tends to hover around 10% or so (and much higher in other, mainly immigrant areas of the country).

In the go-go 90s they had it in the 8% range. They could keep the 35 hour week (I would still do away with it) if they simply slashed many of the requirements for taking a job in a profession (I gave the the accountant and waiter examples the other day).

A fair part of their

A fair part of their otherwise unemployed middle class youngsters now seem to go to Britain to work. If modest relaxing of employment laws resulted in these youngsters staying in France, the result might create precious few new jobs for the slum dwellers. Modest changes might not be enough.

The thing about these

The thing about these people, and numerous others much like them throughout the western states is that they have indeed been raised to accept the idea that the state should babysit them. They take the matter for granted. Most of them would never outright see it this way, but its largely how it is. Entitle someone to something, and they will go into an outrage when they think its not enough or when some of it is taken away. Like spoiled children they come to demand more of that privelege and start screaming when they don't get their demands met. They need to be cut off totally and completely and allowed to fend on their own....But that would mean restructuring the entire French political state and reversing decades of socialist inertia......If pigs and catfish should fly.

Oops, one more comment. Not

Oops, one more comment. Not only does the system that exists discourage self enterprise through its nannying provisions, it also does so through strangling regulations. How many would be entrepreneurs would be made into criminals, hassled by the numerous little chains of regulatory bureacracy just for starting an informal business? I think that perhaps many of these rioters easily have it in them to be enterprising, but don't have the patience to deal with all the legal proceedure of getting themselves started.