Everything That Shines Is Not a State Quarter

When pulling change out of my pants pocket this evening, I was almost blinded by a silver-colored coin too small to be a state quarter. Remembering something about a new nickel design, I dropped it in my shirt pocket for later inspection.

Mint Description Link

Taking out the coin immediately gave the impression of a valuable mint error, with the obverse (front) apparently offset left by 40%. The reverse looked like a multiple strike with large power poles impressed over a glacier. Alas, the only mint error was in allowing such an awful design to ever escape. Thankfully, this design is strictly limited.

In the link provided, the right hand reverse depiction of the ocean doesn't begin to do justice to the actual coin. Trying to put a black and white photo image on a monocolor silver coin without much depth of impression doesn't work even after you know what it's supposed to be.

"The design was created by United States Mint Artistic Infusion Program artist, [name withheld] ..."

I think that this hints that the designer was on intravenous drugs while working.

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I don't know about the ocean

I don't know about the ocean view, but I think the new buffalo nickel is cool.