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Two news items that I missed earlier this month:

Millions of Africans are getting cell phones and using them for what any new technology is for—making their lives better. Anything that contributes to development in Africa is welcome news, and this will be a good thing to remind myself of next time I'm in a restaurant next to some idiot on a cell phone.

A recent study concluded that a tenth of the world's population has shopped online at least once. We're still in the early years of internet commerce, and already a tenth of people have jumped on board. How far will this figure leap in the next dozen or so years?

The world is shrinking. We are all getting more coordinated with each other. Hells yeah.

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I've never understood why

I've never understood why people get so upset about public cellphone use, such as in a restaurant or on the train. Is it any different than two people having a conversation? In fact, you hear less of the conversation when it's via cellphone. Someone explain it to me.


nmg, I've thought the same


I've thought the same thing. If you're entitled to talk to another human right there, why not move that other human out of view and talk on a cell phone? The problem is the tendency to talk more loudly on the cell phone. When the two people are in the restaurant they each feel bound by social conventions of appropriate noise level. When it's just a guy on a phone, he often seems to feel that he can yell into it all he wants.

I always go outside if I'm going to use the phone.

Mentioning that "a tenth of

Mentioning that "a tenth of the world's population" doesn't have a very big emotional effect when you start talking about internet commerce. After all, 10% isn't that much, right?

Now, when you start talking about the fact that 10% equals 600 million people, you'll raise some eyebrows. It wouldn't surprise me if less than 60% of Americans have bought something online, so that means that the rest of the world is catching on as well.

Brad, According to the


According to the report, it was 89% of Americans, which is surpisingly high. Worldwide, more than 627 million.

re: cell phones in public- I

re: cell phones in public-

I see your point(s) that it's not very different (and in some cases preferable) to two people holding a convo. face to face. Except you rarely see this excercised. I am rarely disrupted by a woman 3 tables away holding a conversation with her girlfriend or husband. The man talking at lunch with his business partner does not hold up the line at the supermarket or the drive-thru because of his conversation. People kind of suffer from this "tunnel-vision" type syndrome when on cell phones, that is, they have complete and total disregard for everything happening around them.

We'll see how long this

We'll see how long this lasts as transportation fuel gets more expensive.