Real-World Halloween Monsters

I guess 'Shock-tober' would seem like the appropriate month to witness an above-average amount of genocidal-maniac spewing. After all, what would a month of scary monsters, ghouls, and ghosts be without individuals expressing their desire to off an entire race/ethnicity of peoples?

The recently-elected President of (soon-to-be nuclear) Iran called for his desire to see Israel "wiped off the map", and reaffirmed his desire while present at a hate rally.

Meanwhile, author, 'activist' and former college professor - Kamau Kambon - said in a speech that all white people should be exterminated off the planet.

These instances come shortly after former Education Secretary William Bennett made the controversial comments about how aborting all black babies would lower crime rates (although Bennett's comments were far more of an ill-advised sequence of wording than an actual desire to put that horrible notion into practice).


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I think it's in preface to

I think it's in preface to the christmas/hanukkah time where we espouse universal brotherhood and peace instead of the inflammatory war-mongering. Oh, oops!

Bennett doesn't even belong

Bennett doesn't even belong with those other two, really. He was clearly attempting a reductio ad absurdum in his clumsy way, while those other two clearly, er, aren't.

Matt's right.

Matt's right.

What kind of sickens me is

What kind of sickens me is how all these politicians seem to care more about fighting perceived racist remarks whatever the source instead of stopping this insane war on drugs. But then I guess that's always been the case.

Fighting perceived racism in

Fighting perceived racism in all its forms is a political goldmine.

But yeah, it would be nice if "Bill Bennett the drug-warrior" were actually seen as a primary cause for concern instead of the Bill Bennett who makes silly, racially-insensitive remarks.

Why is the remark silly? You

Why is the remark silly? You could equally well point out crime would fall if all white babies were aborted - in both scenarios the spectre of racism which everyone seems to think influences so much crime and tension would vanish. Or perhaps Bennett should have mentioned this as well.

Scott - Saying that is

Scott - Saying that is becoming a full-time job for you lately. :cool:

David Rossie makes the more serious point, though: some of the opinions Bennett holds in earnest are genuinely repulsive and worthy of opprobrium, but instead it's an out-of-context quote that gets all the outrage. Man, we live in a surreal world.

Who is Dave Rossie?

Who is Dave Rossie? :juggle:

And just for the record, I think Matt's wrong. So there.

Sorry, I meant Stefan and

Sorry, I meant Stefan and Rossie. There, can I be right now? Please?

Yeah ok, Matt's right.

Yeah ok, Matt's right. :idea: