\"This All We Get?\"

Dependency in action:

Two days after Hurricane Wilma, Floridians were waiting in long lines for hours on Wednesday to get basic necessities such as water, ice and gasoline.

Thousands of frustrated North Miami residents stood in line for nearly 12 hours Tuesday for a bag of ice and three bottles of water.

"All that time. This is all we get?" asked 23-year-old Fanie Aristil, speaking to The Associated Press after waiting nine hours for the supplies.


On Florida's southwest coast, in Naples, residents were angry when FEMA staff didn't show up to distribute water when they said they would.

"What are we supposed to do? We're supposed to count on FEMA. It's disgusting," resident Nilsa Colon said.

No, Nilsa, here's what you're supposed to do... Take some pre-storm responsibility on your own and don't pin your hopes on federal agencies to hand you bottles of water post-storm. Stock up on some water and ice when the National Weather Service started bellowing about the hurricane a full seven days before it made landfall.

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[feign shock] Doug, What you

[feign shock]


What you are suggesting is "Hoarding", and we can't have that in a civilized society. Next you'll suggest that failing that, Nilsa should engage in buying the goods from people who did stock up, and are now willing to sell the goods, in other words "Profiteers"! That of course is right out. No, it must be up to the government to provide for the people, after all that is why we have them in the first place... right?


It is just proof positive that the United Socialist States of America is a reality in all but name only.

We are still wondering why

We are still wondering why water? There is only one town in Miami-dade that doesn't have potable water - in the other 85% you can drink from the tap. Apparently the lines are full of people who keep going back - I guess the lure of "free stuff" is just too much. The interesting thing is that most of them are using definitely not-free and definitely hard to get gasoline to line up for this stuff.