The Morality of Buying Trash


Powerful Organic Plant Food Three Pack
Model 269212

Buy two get one free! Powerful, organic, and eco-friendly plant food. TerraCycle Plant Food can be used for both indoor and outdoor plants, producing spectacular growth and large blooms. Simply spray both soil and foliage and watch your plant grow bigger, faster, and healthier. TerraCycle Plant Food is completely safe and has been proven by top-ranked universities to outperform leading chemical fertilizers. The product is rich with micro- and macro-nutrients, which allows for better response from delicate plants, prevents shock when transplanting, and will not burn plants. TerraCycle Plant Food is produced by converting refined organic waste. First, the waste is fed to millions of worms in a controlled laboratory setting. The worm excrement is then extracted, liquefied, and finally packaged in used soda bottles collected by elementary school children in communities across America. Each unique bottle was diverted from a landfill, allowing TerraCycle Plant Food to not only be created from waste but also packaged in waste, producing a product made entirely from trash.

I have encountered many "moral" plant foods at home depot. They all say something or other about the importance of saving the earth and of sustainable gardening. This however is the first time I've encountered one that tries to appeal to my conscience and my wallet by urging me to buy trash.

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Bear in mind, it's also worm

Bear in mind, it's also worm poop. You'd think they wouldn't quite highlight that, wouldn't you?

How wonderful: you Americans

How wonderful: you Americans can stop saying "bullshit" and say "wormshit" instead. And it'll be a Green curse.

They are not doing a good

They are not doing a good marketing job. Those of us who actually buy fertilizer want to know the N-P-K numbers. Without those numbers I can't tell if it is economically feasible to use the stuff. If it costs more than other fertilizers then it probably uses more natural resources to produce, thus rendering it less ecologically friendly than straight fertilizer. Besides the N-P-K numbers are needed to decide the rate at which to apply and if it is suitable for the kind of plant I want to fertilize.

The products that label

The products that label themselves as "plant food" usually don't include the NPK numbers at least not in any obvious place. They might be in small pring on the back. Products that market themselves as fertilizers even though they are technically the same thing have them in large numbers on the front of the package.

I actually have been using

I actually have been using this product for a few months now. It's quite impressive. The NPK on the back of the bottle says it's .03-.002-.02--not super high. However, after doing some research, this isn't too far off MircleGro's "Pour-N-Feed". Actually, what's great about TerraCycle isn't it's "NPK" per se, but rather that it contains humic acids, natural plant growth hormones, and living microorganisms to help break down the nutrients into a usuable form. All in all, I'm just glad it works better than the other stuff I've tried, and that it's easy to use and safe around my dogs. The soda bottle packing idea is pretty neat.