Yet More On \"Rational\"

The ancient Greeks saw the stars move across the sky every night around a fixed point without changing their positions relative to each other. They concluded that the stars must be located on a Celestial Sphere with the Earth located at its center.

Were they irrational?

(Yes, I am going somewhere with this.)

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No. The explanation was

No. The explanation was plausible given the information available and could have been reached by rational means. It would be irrational to rule out the possibility that you might be wrong, however.

I think what we need to work

I think what we need to work on is a working definition of "irrational."

Ah, you speak of the

Ah, you speak of the astronomy of the future - after the Church has won its ID fight, "proven" DG in nature, and taken up the "as the children of God we must live at the centre of the universe" fight...

It depends. My working

It depends. My working definition of rationality is a willingness to reconsider and possibly revise your own beliefs (factual or ethical) in the face of compelling criticism. Rationality isn't about beliefs, it's an attitude toward them.

They were rational. You

They were rational. You would be irrational to believe what they believe given a grade school education.

There were two immediately

There were two immediately obvious explanations: either the one you give, or the stars stand still and the Earth spins. So, no, not irrational, save for the word "must".