What If the Eurocrats Ruled the US?

While the European Common Market undoubtedly makes economic sense to the extent that protective barriers to trade are eliminated, and, possibly, a common currency is introduced, I suspect that they may well be wading into deep water when they proceed much beyond that. I don't even pretend to have any expertise in this area, but I get the impression that one of the goals of the economic integration of Europe is to attempt to equalize the prices of individual goods throughout Europe.

It seems to me that prices tend to equalize of their own accord if and when arbitrage
possibilities exist. It does not seem to me that price regulation aiming towards equality is a desirable goal.

If the EU governing apparatus were handed control of the US, I have just one of many possible questions.

Would it be legal for a 20[ed] ounce box of Cheerios to be sold wholesale to equivalent supermarkets in equivalent quantities at different prices on Long Island and in Mississippi?

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