Authoritarian logic

When you talk to your friends and colleagues about government, you can parse this statement I saw in a high school civics textbook:

In 1988, the Federal Government admitted that the wartime relocation [of Japanese Americans] was unnecessary and unjust. Congress voted to pay $20,000 to each of the internees still alive. It also declared: "On behalf of the nation, the Congress apologizes."

The wheels of justice turn very slowly. Years and years after the fact, the government finally admitted what should have been obvious as soon as it was proposed. Then they pay a mere $20,000 for destroying a community's honor and livelihood. Then they have the arrogance to believe they can speak for the nation. As if it were the nation that issued E.O. 9066, or even the nation that gave the actual issuer undue power and refused to stop him.

On its face the quote seems fine, but just look at the underlying assumptions. This is government. The more active the administration (and Roosevelt's is at the top of that list) the more you get actions like these.

"They say: 'We did it for your protection.' When you protect somebody, you don't aim a gun at the person you're protecting": the words of a Japanese internee.
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Correct, you can't protect

Correct, you can't protect someone while pointing a gun at them. How is the forced evacuation of New Orleans not consistent with Japanese internment? I suppose people have instinctual defenses of the same methods for different purposes.
I'm not at all certain that most Americans didn't support the internment then, nor the "forced evacuation" (involuntary servitude) now. A lefty teacher of mine said, when asked why the evacuation was legitimate, that "it was rational." Was it rational to protect Japanese from roving bands of angry interning them?


Cmon "Mahmoud". How many

Cmon "Mahmoud". How many years you gonna keep trolling us? Don't you have better things to do in Wellesley?

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Oops. I think in the speed of deleting all of the trackback spam this morning, the comment you replied to was deleted.

He said something like "So

He said something like "So you expect the populace in general not to go around randomly assaulting japanese americans? Putting an awful lot of faith in people for a libertarian, huh?" It was something along those lines.

Incidentally, are the left-anarchists right that private property is an evil form of hierarchy and authority that needs to be eliminated from society? I get the impression a lot of people on the far left believe this.

Nota Bene- I was the one

Nota Bene- I was the one going about deleting TB spam, so I was the one that inadvertently deleted it. My original comment may have seemed to implicate Jonathan, hence the clarification. :)