How to make (or rather get) money in Texas.

Step 1: Recognize a well known problem in the state and bring attention to it such as a massive number of frivolous malpractice lawsuits that are driving up healthcare costs and running doctors out of business.

Step 2: Propose a bill that addresses the problem but in no way solves it. You could call it tort reform that makes it more difficult to sue doctors.

Step 3: Recognize and bring attention to a new problem created by the previous bill for example the possibility of legitimately wronged patients not being able to sue doctors who actually harmed them because of the previous "tort reform."

Step 4: Create an office to address the stated problem. An office of patient protection that listens to consumer complaints and ovesees licensee boards might work in this example.

Step 5: Requisition money to fund this office - i.e. charge physicians a licensing fee that has to be renewed every couple of years for the privledge of being overseen by this office.

Step 6: Give the office about a year to use the money to establish themselves (renovating office space, hiring staff, buying equipment, etc.)

Step 7: Shut down the office after discovering they haven't done much in the past year.

Step 8: Continue charging and collecting the fee for the office's existence indefinitely or at least long after it is gone.

It sounds complicated but apparently it works. I guess drilling for oil is old school. :beatnik:

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