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Galen Log's Ben England is selling personal medical records for the low, low price of of $10.95! Get yours today.

Get quotes and compare prices from around the world for your health care at MedSIM.

Do you take what seems like 100 medications? Do you always forget some of them when your doctors ask for their names? Do you forget the doses or why you take them in the first place? Set up a free acount at MedList to list your meds, doses, and indications. MedList is the brainchild of med student Graham Walker.

And for you doctors out there, there's something for you, too... Don't want to pay hundreds of thousands for licensing and installing an electronic medical record system? Or do you want to beat the feds before they impose one on you? VersaForm has one just for you... free to the first 10,000 registrants!

Who says medicine can't be a true market?

Update: Reader Kristen (check her blog here) submit more in the comments below, including:

LifeSharers, where you can pledge to donate organs to other Life Sharers organ donors on a preferential basis. (I'm a member. How did I forget this one ?!)

Need the emergency contraceptive pill, but can't get your hands one it due to lack of a doctor and the dimwits at the FDA? Get your prescription online here.

And, maybe the best of all, SimpleCare:

Welcome to, home of the largest patient/doctor organization in America. Here you’ll find a host of resources, links and contacts that will help you take control of your healthcare situation. If you’re a patient looking to cut your healthcare costs but get better care, SimpleCare is for you. If you’re a doctor looking to practice medicine your way while also getting fair market value for your services, SimpleCare is for you too. And if you’re a business owner struggling to insure your workers, SimpleCare has what you need.

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A few more related links: