The Holmes-Cruise Baby

Katie Holmes is pregnant.

From What Would Tyler Durden Do?:

I’m not really upset about this because, based on what I’ve learned from killer robot movies, freedom fighters from the future will send someone back to kill Cruise long before the rest of us are in any real danger. As a guideline I’m against cyborgs turning on the humans, but Tom started this whole thing, not the cyborgs. Even Manson had the decency to not get his brainwashed surrogates pregnant. And after she washes off the blood, there’s still time for Joey Potter to pull out of her shame spiral and do some sit-ups and get a breast lift and live up to her potential. My penis hasn’t given up hope. In fact, it's humming “my heart will go on” as we speak.

Quips my friend French Toast:

I hope she doesn't get post partum depression.

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Speaking of Cruise, Abiola

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