Six cops vs. a man in a wheelchair

From the website of a bicycle group I'm loosely affiliated with (i.e. when I get a bike again I'll ride with them, but for now I mostly just drink with them) comes a truly horrific story involving cops. It's stories like this that really illustrate the dangers of monopolistic security provision. Basically, they'll get away with it without even so much as a slap on the wrist.

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Damn that's angersome. Also:

Damn that's angersome.

Also: When the heck are y'all gonna get on with the Firefly posts you promised?!

Cops are lazy, ignorant,

Cops are lazy, ignorant, thuggish slime. (Okay, some of them are evil too).

I was waiting for the cop to

I was waiting for the cop to taser him out of his chair.