GW Bush and the Military

Tomorrow's News Today

Washington: President George W. Bush today indicated that he expected to soon begin using the military to monitor and enforce laws against gasoline price gouging in the US nationwide. Because of their great success in holding down gasoline price increases in Iraq, it is expected that this task will fall to servicemen who are on their home duty rotation, on a part time basis. Actual assignments, as to trouble spots such as Honolulu, will be made on a lottery basis.

In related news, the Administration is quietly poll testing public reaction to turning all supermarket grocery-bagging over to the military as well. Due to minor manpower shortages, the President is expected to sign an Executive Order drafting all existing grocery-baggers to ensure the performance of this vital function.

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Sadly, I believed this post

Sadly, I believed this post up through the first sentence.

I've gone from thinking George Bush was not too bad (at least for a Republican), to a corrupt dingbat, to a deranged asshole hell-bent on making the America the worst place possible, shredding every limit or restraint on government power he can think of.