Recording Industry Eroding Moral Values

According to a recording industry poll, young Canadians are more likely to download files illegally than the rest of the population, and they're also more likely to shoplift than the rest of the population. The conclusion? File sharing software is eroding respect for private property!

If anything is eroding respect for private property, it's being told repeatedly that ideas are owned and that that CD, DVD, software title, cellphone, computer, or game console you bought last week isn't really yours to do with as you please. It's also apparently eroding people's intelligence if they're gonna pay any heed to crap surveys like this.

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I agree with you on the IP

I agree with you on the IP points, but, the computer and cellphone points elude me.

Could you elaborate?

Computer: TCPA and DMCA

Computer: TCPA and DMCA (DMCA gets applied to reverse engineering of software and hardware). Cellphone: phone locking/crippling and ESN blacklisting. I normally wouldn't have any problem with this if radio spectrum were treated like regular property, but it's not, so cellphone carriers are not nearly as competitive as they would otherwise be. Therefore, we're going to end up with (and probably need until the FCC and Congress get their heads out of their asses at the same time rather than in an alternating fashion) a law against ESN blacklisting eventually.