Rita\'s Coming

Its only been a few weeks since Katrina sent thousands of refugees to texas and now it looks as if another category 5 huricane is headed straight towards us. Rita is expected to make landfall somewhere between Galveston, and Corpus Christi otherwise known as the coast of Texas. Austin is also in the projected path and forecasts currently predict it will be still a category 1 hurricane as it moves through central Texas.

Officials are already falling all overthemselves to make it eminently clear just how prepared they are for this storm. However I find it hard to believe anyone could be prepared to evacuate one of America's largest cities, an area that includes 6 million people in two days -not to mention the thousands of New Orleans evacuees now living there.

From USAToday.com:

The last major hurricane to strike the Houston area was Category-3 Alicia in 1983. It flooded downtown Houston, spawned 22 tornadoes and left 21 people dead.

In Houston, the state's largest city and home to the highest concentration of Katrina refugees, the area's geography makes evacuation particularly tricky. While many hurricane-prone cities are right on the coast, Houston is 60 miles inland, so a coastal suburban area of 2 million people must evacuate through a metropolitan area of 4 million people where the freeways are often clogged under the best of circumstances.

So while I doubt we have much to worry about here in Austin, I'm seriously hoping that Rita steers clear of Houston.

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HEB was doing brisk business

HEB was doing brisk business when I went there last evening. My girlfriend said she couldn't find a place selling water in quantity out in Elgin/Manor. I doubt we'll face anything worse than a day or two without power and low-lying areas with light flooding that'll drain into the rivers quickly.