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September 26, 2005

This past weekend, a powerful Category 4 hurricane – Rita – slammed into the Texas coast, causing widespread damage to Galveston and the surrounding areas. Low-lying areas have been flooded, homes and trees damaged all along the western Gulf Coast.

President Bush was quoted this morning in commenting how much better and prepared the government response was to this one, taking full credit for the preparedness. Shortly thereafter, he and other various levels of government resumed pointing fingers at each other regarding Katrina. Texas governor Rick Perry and Galveston Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas also praised themselves on the effort.

European media and various environmental groups issued a statement essentially saying that if Katrina didn't prove global warming was alive and well, then Rita certainly does. The Op-Ed section of French newspaper Le Figaro outlined in fine detail how Bush’s pulling out of Kyoto directly led to Rita. The newspaper also commented how America’s elderly and poor were left to perish in such natural disasters. No, the heat wave that killed thousands of elderly and poor across Western Europe two summers ago was not referenced in the column.

Michael Moore and MoveOn both issued a statement saying that funds diverted to Iraq could've been used for even more preparation for Rita. They demanded that all funds be returned to the pockets of… public schools, socialized medicine, and welfare roles.

Jerry Falwell announced earlier today that Rita is just another example of God's wrath on the decadent American lifestyle. Texas was chosen in particular for its “flowing ice-cold Coronas, margaritas, and shapely college women shaking their booties on South Padre Island”.

Sheik Abu Abdulla al-Qaida issued a statement on a radical website, which was immediately aired 24/7 on Al-Jazeera. Abu said: “America (spit) is suffering the wrath of Allah for its imperialism, racism, secularism, capitalism, and other isms I can't think of right now. Praise be Allah, the holy hurricane aimed at the summer ranch of the Great Satan himself, Mr. Bush. We shall anoint the name Rita, Allah willing, as a jihadist martyr doing her duty.”

Cable news stations' back rooms are finally cleaned of the champaign, party hats, and noise-makers that cluttered the area last week on the news of another major disaster to report on.

Every 7 minutes, someone, somewhere is turning Hurricane Rita and the response to it into a racial issue.

As federal and state help was scrutinized, news regarding private donations, individual efforts, and grassroots organizations were generally buried in the mainstream press, and generally left to word-of-mouth and the blogosphere.

New Orleans refugees who were moved to Texas are now moving to Nome, Alaska - the farthest possible point from hurricanes. Although some environmental groups are warning them that global warming is melting the area polar ice, which may indeed flood Nome anyway.

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FEMA Sends Trucks Full Of

FEMA Sends Trucks Full Of Ice For Katrina Victims To Maine
Created: 9/19/2005 8:31:47 PM
Updated: 9/20/2005 10:46:21 AM

I'm not making this up, via

The trucks started arriving this weekend, and they're expected to keep coming through Sunday.

City officials say they have no idea why the trucks are here, only that the city has been asked to help out with traffic problems. But the truck drivers NEWSCENTER spoke to said they went all the way down to the gulf coast with the ice -- stayed for a few days -- and then were told by FEMA they needed to drive to Maine to store it.

The truck drivers, who are from all over the country, tell us they were subcontracted by FEMA.
They started arriving over the weekend, and city spokesperson Peter Dewitt says as many as 200 trucks could come to the city by the end of the week.

The trucks are storing the ice at Americold, a company with a warehouse on Read Street in Portland. People who live nearby say all the traffic has been baffling them for days.

The trucks can only unload 4 at a time -- so the city is allowing some of them to sit at the International Marine Terminal and at the Jetport's satellite parking lot.

No one NEWSCENTER talked to has any idea when, or even if the ice will go back to the gulf coast.

If all goes well (assuming

If all goes well (assuming catastrophic damage and minimal loss of life) because FEMA and whoever is in charge is more prepared, and has a better idea of how to allocate its resources...

Kanye West will declare that "George Bush doesn't care about black people. He cares about white people in Texas, and that is why Texas was more prepared than Louisina was for Katrina."

Or something like that.

there is indeed a divine

there is indeed a divine interception.....there is indeed a message in this is no surprise as there is enough in history to support this......heed.