Kennedy, Solved

Always timely, I'd like to give my own speculation about the JFK assassination. I haven't put in thousands of hours of fevered conspiracy-theorizing, but I do know something about political behavior and government, so it's worth a shot.

There are a few things to consider:

* The evidence from the Zapruder video seems to indicate more than one shooter—at least two coordinated shooters.
* In the decades prior, there were Soviet moles all throughout the government. I believe this died down after Stalin, but Soviet espionage in general did not stop, and I see no reason why their infiltration of the US government would stop either.
* John Kennedy had at least three times directly aroused the anger of the Soviets. The botched Bay of Pigs Invasion and the Cuban Missile Crisis are well known. A German professor I had tipped me to a third: Kennedy's visit to West Berlin and the passions this aroused in Germans. According to my West German professor, this event was stamped into the German political consciousness for years.
* The USSR was funding insurgents, terrorists, assassins, and general violence all over the world. They supplied training, troops, and weapons to communist movements across the world.

Taken together, these seem to point to the Soviets as the culprits. This is now our hypothesis: the Soviets killed JFK. They had the motive and the means. What's left to ponder now is if the aftermath of the assassination makes sense if indeed the Soviets were guilty.

One unrelated deduction I'd like to mention is that with all the conspiracy theories and missing puzzle pieces, many who really study the case seem to think that the American government is hiding something, however significant. (Gasp!) Our guys aren't stupid, so it's no stretch of the imagination to think that they may have been able to find out. This brings us to the present problem, introduced above, of reconciling the aftermath with this speculation.

If the Soviet government was behind it, and if the American government knew so, is what happened afterwards logical?

Entirely. If the guilty party were identified, it would mean war. Despite all the rhetoric and the hardlining, nobody wanted war, because that would mean nuclear war. Hence the elaborate cover-up. In the minds of the citizens, it's better to appear unlucky and slightly vulnerable than to have everybody duck-and-cover for the rest of their short lives.

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Or you could go for the

Or you could go for the Oliver Stone homosexual right wing criminal/politicans explanation as shown in "JFK"

The one flaw is that if the

The one flaw is that if the cover-up was justified because nobody wanted a war and knowing that the Soviet Union was deeply paranoid, why would they have gambled on such a venture in the first place? I think it is more likely that Castro orchestrated the assassination and then it was covered up for fear of war with the Soviets (who might defend him if there wasn't truly awesome evidence against him). Castro, too, had the means, motive, and most importantly, he lacked the massive party bureaucracy and political power structure that kept the Soviet Union reasonable post-Stalin.

You know, that is quite

You know, that is quite possibly the most rational explanation I've ever seen. Normally I just dismiss speculation over this as the stuff of paranoids with too much time on their hands, but your conjecture makes good prima facie sense.

" it’s worth a shot."

" it’s worth a shot." Ouch!

I recommend Best Evidence by David Lifton for a massive conspiracy story.

What, no "Executive Order

What, no "Executive Order 11110" tie in?

Indifference: I agree with


I agree with you. If the conspiracy theories are put to the level of critical examination that the conspiracy theorists have put to the Warren Commission Report (which did indeed contain some significant errors, although their conclusions were mostly correct), they completely fall apart. Gerald Posner's _Case Closed_ is a good critical examination of the conspiracy theorists in one volume, augmented by material on McAdams' site and the discussions from the Usenet newsgroup alt.assassination.jfk.

I'm trying to track down

I'm trying to track down appropriate links, but for the moment: a critical American mole in the Soviet hierarchy was in the same room with Kruschev when the Premier found out about the assassination. The spy noted Kruschev's horrified and surprised expression -- and immediate worry that the USSR would be blamed for the incident. The CIA concluded from the incident that the USSR was not behind the plot.

I think that this was the

I think that this was the true purpose of the Warren Commission -- avert WW3. On the other hand, I disagree with you on point #1 -- I think the Zapruder film (especially the original and the latest superior transfers) pretty much put Oswald as the shooter.

The job of the Warren Commission, then, was the whitewash the fact that Oswald was likely a Cuban mole. He failed to attract the attention and investment of the Soviets (despite having lived there for over a year and having applied for citizenship) but was working for the Cuban-American communists in NOLA just before the assasination.

I think the assassination

I think the assassination was one lone nut. The realy conspiracy is the conspiracy theories themselves--a conspiracy of people who can't deal with the fact that even the most powerful man in the world isn't safe from random disaster and who use the fantasy world of conspiracy theory to avoid dealing with that.

People WANT there to be a conspiracy.

I don't know, or care, much

I don't know, or care, much about Kennedy's death, but I'm about 30 books into a study of his life, as a sidetrack from my interest in LBJ. Can we rule out the soviets? Maybe not. But Occam's razor says they aren't at the top of the list. Soviets. Can you be more specific? Which people, and why? Which soviet officials had more perceived benefit than risk?
Why shoot him in the head in front of a crowd, when slow poison could have been passed off due to his severe health problems?

I can't rule out the lone gunman angle - it worked for Leon Czolgos (sp.) Booth on the other hand was probably part of a plot. But the most plausible explanation is Sam Giancana, the Chicago mob boss who got Kennedy elected, working with Carlos Marcello, a New Orleans mob boss who was deported and prosecuted by Bobby. A common modus operandi for these guys is a shot to the head, and a nutcase to blame the hit on. Giancana had 200 people whacked with shots to the head before he was shot in the head on his way to testify in 1975.

Joe Kennedy was a sociopathic harddriving businessman with significant real estate interests in Chicago, so he already knew these guys when it came time to buy the votes to win Illinois in 1960. This was before JFK was sleeping with Giancana's girlfriend, Judith Exner Campbell, via Frank Sinatra. In a way, we could say Sinatra killed Kennedy, because he made the introductions to Giancana via Exner. The deal was Giancana and Daley and Hoffa would line up the votes needed in Illinois (while LBJ bought the votes needed in Texas) in exchange for the government looking the other way at mafia control of unions. But Joe had a stroke, and couldn't call off Bobby who as AG went after the mafia and the mafia controlled unions. So Giancana called a meeting with the bosses, in Miami, and Marcello arranged the details including Oswald and Ruby.
One source I've seen, but don't fully trust, says JE Hoover was aware of this and did nothing about it, preferring LBJ, who wasn't in on it.

If this is true, and if it was the mob that got to Kennedy first, this would explain why Bobby arranged a cover up - he didn't want people finding out Camelot was a sham and JFK was in bed with the mob.

But ultimately it was Kennedy who killed Kennedy. The Kennedys are not risk-averse. They wreck cars, sink ships, crash planes, rig elections, doublecross crooks, sleep with women with jealous husbands, abuse drugs, seek out thrills and danger, and lie and cover up reflexively. This has been the pattern for 4 generations.
Their average lifespan is around 40. JFK had been warned not to go to Texas. So he went, and not in a popemobile, but in a open convertible, and joked about the risk. If Oswald (or whoever) had missed, there were others waiting in line. I can't rule out the soviets, but it's not quite their style. When you play a chess game to a draw, do you shoot the opponent? Sure, Stalin and his buddies shot literally millions, so we can't rule it out, but I don't see it as the most likely. Sorry this went on so long.

I guess I'm in the minority,

I guess I'm in the minority, but it seems incontrovertible to me that Oswald acted alone and unabetted. I won't waste everyone's time listing the reasons why most conspiracy claims are nonsensical since this website can do it for me. Emjoy!