Happy Constitution Day

My garage door opener has decided to entrap my car in the garage, so I suppose I have the morning off until the garage dude gets here. What a better way to practice my federally-mandated celebration of Consitution Day (which is actally tomorrow) than to blog about it.

It appears that George Mason U. is celebrating in the only way one should - by questioning if the forced celebration is constitutional. Robert Lawson of Division of Labour asks academics out there if and how schools are celebrating, and if any classes are being cancelled. Here at UK, a two-day celebration featured two speeches: "'The People, the Press and Public Policy'... focusing on the nature of civic engagement and the role of the news media in promoting citizen participation", and "'A Call to Civic Action,' which notes the role of citizen volunteerism as an enduring feature of U.S. democracy". What these have directly to do with the Constitution, I've no idea. It seems that here at UK we are not celebrating the document, but political action, when it seems to me that the purpose of the document was to constrain political action. Go figure.

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Question rather the

Question rather the authority of the constitution in the first place.

My garage door opener has

My garage door opener has decided to entrap my car in the garage

Is there not a manual ripcord with a red dongle that will let you disengage the door from the opener, allowing you and your vehicle to escape?

Constitution Day We are

Constitution Day
We are talking here about a intrusive federal law mandating that states introduce a specific curriculum extolling the virtues of Tenth Amendment federalism. Does no one see the irony in that?

Ten points to Mr.

Ten points to Mr. Pegasus.

One of my professors, a constitutional scholar, told me that the Constitution itself was unconstitutional, so far as it didn't follow the mandates of the Articles of Confederation in dealing with amendment.

From the Archives: It Became

From the Archives: It Became Necessary to Shred the Constitution in Order to Teach It
In mockery celebration of Constitution Day, I am reposting this piece, originally published on May 24, 2005 (see also

Since the Constitution

Since the Constitution grants power to a new set of nationwide institutions, I hardly see how the Constitution was set up primarily to constrain power. There are provisions in the Constitution to constrain power, but the thing needing constraint was set up by the Constitution itself.

- Josh

International Ignore the

International Ignore the Constitution Day
So, it turns out that today is the 218th anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution. In honor of this formal declaration of...