Rough Ol\' Boy

First, let it not be said that The Rough Ol' Boy is anything less than a badass. I first hung out with this character at a Mises event last year and at another one this August he gave me his blog address, which I promptly forgot like a jerk. Hey, it was a hectic week. I had lots of things to remember. Anyway, I've now rediscovered it, and you should have a look.

For something serious, see this post. We libertarians were pretty swift to harp on the government in this whole Katrina mess. We haven't made a mistake, but it's refreshing to see a rough ol' boy having a more nuanced approach.

For something on the lighter side, see this post. (If you're impatient, it points you to a blog called Libelous Claims About Large Corporations, which is hilarious.)

And bring on the Four Horsemen, eh Ol' Boy?

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